"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens."

Carl Jung


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  • A Wolf Called Romeo
    A Wolf Called Romeo
  • Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival
    Winter World: The Ingenuity of Animal Survival
  • The Wonder of Birds: What They Tell Us About Ourselves, the World, and a Better Future
    The Wonder of Birds: What They Tell Us About Ourselves, the World, and a Better Future

The Art of Nesting

I've long been fascinated by the nests of birds. Each individual nest is as unique as the bird species itself, a signature of sorts that represents the needs and habits of both the parent birds and their offspring.  One of the most easily recognizable nests that we observe on our wooded property is the woven sack-like nests of Baltimore Orioles.

The nest is typically suspended from the end of a branch near the upper reaches of a tree, with the entrance opening at the top. Females are the primary architects of the nest, incorporating into the construction the fibers of grapevine, grasses, dogbane, milkweed, and other natural materials.

One of the many rituals that I enjoy each spring is placing a few containers of woven fibers and craft feathers out for the nesters.  Long ago we discovered that Baltimore Orioles will use up a lengths of natural fiber rope hung among tree limbs in pretty short order. They also visit the containers of fibers often, much more than any other bird species here; perhaps because their nests require quite a bit more materials than smaller birds.  Although the females have yet to arrive, the males have already checked out the containers and are guarding them quite vigilantly.  To watch a mated pair of birds fashioning ther nests is just as rewarding as watching any other facet of their natural history- their creations are beautiful works of natural art and to me, a labor of love.


Harbinger of Joy




fearless green jewel

my heart skips several beats

harbinger of joy


Surprise Party

We're celebrating another special occasion today- my hubby's birthday. Since he wanted to catch the hockey playoffs this afternoon, we decided to stay home and fire up the grill.  Our idea of a celebration is pretty laid back, as we're quite private and tend to steer clear of rowdy crowds.  We prefer to 'mix it up' with nature.

A large fallout of at least 5 species of wood warblers have joined in the ongoing avian party, darting among low tree branches and trilling their way through our woods.  An endless magical flowing river of birds and sweet voices. Once again the wingeds have kept their promise to return, energizing everything around them, including myself.  Each little spryte carries such special gifts of bright colors and cheerful song as they dance about the beautiful dogwood blossoms- a poignant reminder that the most precious and most meaningful gifts in life are truly free.

(My time spent in front of the computer is going to be very sporatic in the coming weeks ahead- there's a magnificent gathering going on outdoors in this part of the hemisphere; no special attire is required and everyone is invited- much joy is guaranteed)